Midland Mills Bradford UK

Midland Mills Bradford UK

Midland Mills is the latest addition to Golden Sands Developments profiling in UK. Close proximity to Bradford University and Bradford College. Both campuses housed approximately 38,000 students. Building A is completely sold and nearing 80% completion, buildings B & C will follow in due course and Building D is the only portion of this development which is a “new” build from ground up – the other three buildings have been completely stripped and refurbished. Construction of course will follow the natural Heritage style however ALL components used are brand new!!
Smart Investment :
The 4th Richest Man in Australia, Mr Lowey and his company Westfield invested heavily (£260m shopping centre) into Bradford. (see attached BBC News). “Invest Beside A Billionaire”
As mentioned, Frank Lowey doesn’t make many errors on the investment front and you will see substantial commercial and residential investment riding on the strength of his brand new - 550,000 sqft shopping mall. You need to appreciate that these large commercial leases are for a period of “30 Years” – this ensures that the area close to the development has long term potential tenants and a good pool of purchasers when it comes time to realize your capital gain and sell the property.
Location ! Location ! Location !
Three things that local investors need to know before commit to invest in residential UK properties
1. Good Transport Links – Walking distance to the Forster Square Railway station which is undergoing a government funded £15 million expansion.
2. Good Educational Institutions - University of Bradford & Bradford College which holds 38,000 students and is rated in the top 4 UK universities for Business qualifications
3. Good Retail & Shopping Areas – “Broadway Westfield” less than 10 minutes’ walk from the front door
These three components really give any investment property a solid rental return and great capital growth.
Strong and Steady Growth with High Returns
UK property market is always stable and extremely safe, and stands to create wealth for all investors. The “Brexit” will only enhance UK’s property market as well healed individuals look for secure places to raise their families.
Rental Guarantee
Midland Mills is a fully hands off managed investment offering a 25 years rental guarantee with first 5 years at 8% net GRR.
5 % interest on deposits paid up to practical completion. Interest calculated from the date of exchange of contracts, on the amount deposited. This reduces the final payment substantially and offers you the chance to purchase the property at close to 10% less than the actual cash amount required.
The Buying Process
--> Once you have selected your apartment, pay £1,500 reservation fee and complete the booking form which is attached. (or 9000MYR locally)
--> Exchange of contracts in 21 days. 60% payable to solicitors once your AML documentation is in place (less the reservation fee already paid)
--> 20% payable to solicitors in June 2017
--> 20% payable to solicitors at completion End 2017 (less interest on deposit and any advanced rental paid)